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Tactful Consult Limited Professional Services is a leading and highly reputed ICT solutions provider and systems integrator for Application Management, Security and Compliance, IT Operations Management, Business Analytics, Cloud Solutions, Enterprise Network and Broadband Communications.

Founded in 2016, Tactful Consult Limited is led by a strong and seasoned management team with deep experience in strategic ICT solution management and administration.

We have Built Solid Alliances with driving Original Equipment Manufacturers, with our flexible and secure solution We have helped customers drive Business agility.

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Tactful Consult is committed to providing efficient and reliable IT services to support our business operations and ensure the satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders. This IT Service Management Policy outlines our commitment to delivering high-quality IT services and sets the foundation for effective IT service management practices across the organization.

We achieve this by:

  • Ensuring that IT Service requirements are clearly defined and understood.
  • Establishing performance metrics for reviewing service management objectives.
  • Ensuring that employees, contract employees, and third-party employees do adhere to these policies.
  • Ensuring that IT Service Management is frequently reviewed for continuing Eligibility.